USA, Canada and Latin America sites load extra quick when served from Steadfast Data Center Chicago

We understand how the web site loading speed is of essential importance for your online success that’s why we offer you the choice to host your websites within the best–connected data centers in the United States – Steadfast. This data center is in downtown Chicago and is currently hired by several of the most important telecoms companies in the United States. It gives you total redundancy in power and network connectivity, so you’re able to warrant the very best web site loading speeds for your customers in the U.S.A., Canada and Latin America.

Inside our US datacenter it is easy to host all kinds of sites – ranging from personal blogs and tiny portfolio websites up to vast company sites and active e–stores. We supply you a large number of Linux web hosting services packages to pick out from according to your distinct requirements. All the packages come with a 99.9% server uptime guarantee and are also backed up by a 24x7 support service. It is easy to choose the US datacenter on the web hosting sign up form.

Additional Hosting Services Offered From US Data Center, Chicago

'Steadfast Data Center Chicago

 What do Pizza and Web Data Hosting have in common? Chicago!, It's a great city for Pizza and a great place to locate web servers too.

Giordano’s, Lou Malnati’s, Uno, Gino's and Pizano’s are well known names for pizza in Chicago.  Not as many folks know the name Steadfast, no not Oprah's boyfriend he's Stedman.  The Steadfast Data Hosting Center in Chicago is in an ideal spot. Close to the center of North America the data center is located in the Steadfast building. The Data Host Center serves up web sites at a speed that pizza joints will never come close to.

It starts with Multiple Fiber Optic Connections, Steadfast Data Center moves data to it's destination at speeds unheard of just a few years ago. It's dang near the perfect location. That's why Fanning and Hughes have co located their North American Data Center there. The Steadfast Datacenter is home to several racks of equipment for our shared hosting, VPS hosting, Linux semi-dedicated hosting, alongside many other web hosting services too.  But Steadfast is also home to the big ones.  Dedicated servers with dedicated fiber optic connections to the backbone of the internet. The majority of them run on the Linux operating system. 


Every site, LARGE or small hosted thru the Steadfast Data Center has the same 99.9% uptime. 24/7 support service with the average response time of fewer than twenty minutes. Linux is known for reliable service, fast operation and security of the server. Most true tech types I know swear by Linux.  Check out the Top 5 reasons Linux is better than Windows, posted just above.  Do you need to host video and media? Steadfasts Dedicated Linux Hosting Service keeps video sharing & media sites moving, and surfers  smiling! And because load times are still, as always "LIGHTNING FAST!"!

  • Dedicated Linux Hosting Service at Steadfast is very affordable. Most businesses that use it employ under 250 people
  • Our US Based Linux Virtual Private Servers has serious sever power for very large or multiple business or catalog sites. Your team can run and develop applications that require a development server at an affordable price.
  • USA Located Linux Semi-dedicated Servers have the effectiveness a dedicated server has but less com placated and easy to use thanks to the Linux operating system and Apache servers and drives.